CTF Rules

  1. This is a team-based CTF. Teams are limited to a maximum of four onsite players. Any outside help is strictly forbidden.
  2. The format of the flag is DrgnS{...} in all challenges unless explicitly stated otherwise.
  3. Sharing keys or solutions during the CTF is prohibited.
  4. Attack the tasks, not the infrastructure (there are no bonus flags).
  5. If you think you have the valid flag that the system rejects, come to our desk and we'll check your solution.
  6. If you find any bug in the system, please report it to us.
  7. If you are not sure if something is a violation of the rules, ask us.
  8. Have fun and let others have fun too :) HF GL


  1. What equipment and infrastructure will be available to the participating teams?

    We will provide each team with a desk and chairs for 4 people. You'll also get 4 ethernet cables and 4 power sockets (type E, 230V). If you have more equipment (e.g. multiple laptops per person) you might want to bring your own ethernet switch, extra cables and a power strip.

  2. Do we need to bring our own food/drinks?

    Lunch will be served for all conference attendees (including CTF players). Also there will be catering available throughout the CTF (coffee, snacks, soft drinks, etc). Lastly, there's a full bar in the same building (not associated with conference organizers/Dragon Sector).

  3. What is the exact schedule of the CTF?

    For the official schedule of CONFidence 2017, refer to conference agenda.

    The CTF schedule is as follows (local time):

    May 18th, 08:00: Registration starts at the conference registration desk, and stays open throughout the day May 18th, 09:00: CTF area is opened, time for preparation and setting up at the tables.
    May 18th, 10:00: Official start of the competition.
    May 18th, 20:00: The CTF systems are shut down, and a night break starts.

    [Night break: teams are allowed to work on the challenges if they wish to, but the conference venue will be closed and the CTF servers will be unavailable]

    May 19th, 08:30: Teams begin to set up at their desks.
    May 19th, 09:00: A second day of the competition starts.
    May 19th, 15:00: End of the CTF.
    May 19th, 16:00: Presentations of challenge solutions by the respective authors.
    May 19th, 17:30: Official awards closing ceremony.